Westcustogo Publishing House Project Listing

Listing: Open and Proposed Projects.

  1. Journal of Church Services Attended, 1828 to 1833, Portland, Maine, Samuel H. Colesworthy. Task: digitize.
  2. Daniel Clement Colesworthy, 1810 - 1891, Poet, Essayist, Printer, Publisher.
    Tasks: Perform research; compile and consolidate material, organize presentation, write, publish.
    Material available:
  3. Journal & Copy Book: Songs and Verse, H. (Herbert) L. Foster, Waterville, Maine, 1876. Task: digitize. Started.
  4. Diary, 1855, William Henry Foster, Potter, Yarmouthville, Maine. Task: digitize. Also, more diaries.
  5. Diary, 1903, Alice Maude Douglass Colesworthy, Deering, Maine. Task: digitize. Also, more diaries.
  6. The Grand Trunk Railroad in Maine 1853 - 1862, by Judith A. Daniels, University of Maine at Portland-Gorham, July 14, 1978. Tasks: Keypunch (An optical character recognition project was started in 2001 through 2002 and is still in process), publish.
  7. Journals of a Drunken Paratrooper on Okinawa and Vietnam. Many photographs will be included. 1963 to 1965. Tasks: digitize, edit, scan photographs, publish. Also, more journals. Started. Progress Report. [Editor: Slow work. Now doing stateside army 1962. Using Microsoft Word. Electronic nerd knew so little about life, clueless. Very depressing work. Page condition: mildew.
    Update September 13, 2013: We have decided to jump to a December 1964 episode. It should be more interesting. Now using HTML editor.]
  8. "Bad Poetry, A Review of the Poetry of Poet Spharnx," 2012. Tasks: Write, Digitize. In progress. Initially the text will appear on this site with links to the poems discussed.
  9. The Colesworthy Family Genealogy. We have two. Tasks: Consolidate, update, acquire rights, and publish.
  10. Prepare "The Lore of the State of Maine." A new page of books to be offered for sale by our affiliate, Nation's Attic Used Books eStore.
  11. "Beyond Christianity" Website. A new assignment for this website.

The above listing is not a listing of priorities. We have been known to have an inability to focus effectively when overwhelmed. This is not a complete listing and the listing is subject to change at any time. Confidential material is not included.

We may need assistance with this workload. Contact us if you have any suggestions or any interest.
Contact us by email to editor@westcustogo.com.

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