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The Lore of the Maine North Woods.

The Lore of the Maine North Woods.

A Listing of Our Used Books Offered For Sale.

  1. "A Forgotten Legacy," Randall Probert, pb, autographed. $25.00.
    This novel is about an outsider's extended visit to his long lost uncle in the Northern Maine Woods. His uncle is an old hermit and poacher and has interesting adventures with the local game warden. The uncle teaches his visitor from out of state (and the reader) with much Maine lore and the history of the Grand Lake Matagamon Region including the legacy of the logging days. For historical purposes, real names are used for real people that are included in the history. The book includes some historical photographs.

    Here is a picture of the Grand Lake Matagamon: Grand Lake Matagamon

  2. "Mysteries At Matagamon Lake," Randall Probert, 2003, autographed. $27.00.
    This novel is a distant sequel to "A Forgotten Legacy," and features the same characters. It also expands the narrative of the history of the Grand Lake Matagamon Region of Maine.

    Along the Freezeout Trail at Baxter State Park.
    Along the Freezeout Trail at Baxter State Park.

  3. "An Eloquent Caper," Randall Probert, autographed. $26.00.
    This novel captures the exploits of a Maine logger that was also a notorious poacher. It chronicles his exploits with the local wardens. The locale of the novel is the forests around Patten, Maine.

    I once went to hear the author discuss his books and he informed us that the leading character of this novel was indeed based on a real person. The man read an advance copy of the book and told Randall "Don't change a single word." I have occasionally noticed the man's real name in subsequent books.

  4. "Courier De Bois (Woods Ranger)," Randall Probert, 2000, autographed. $29.00.

  5. "The Three Day Club," Randall Probert, 2000, autographed. $29.00.
    The author has returned to the Knowles Corner area of his two prior novels, "A Quandry at Knowles Corner" and "A Warden's Worry" and includes summary conclusions to these prior books.

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Many of these books have been enjoyed by myself and my wife. Mostly we love the region. We learn so much about the region from the novels. We constantly refer to DeLorme's "The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer" when we read about a place that is unknown to us. We study this atlas to learn about the trails, the streams, the waterfalls, the lakes, and the rivers. Then we go and visit these areas. They are beautiful. We photograph them.

The author imparts his love of these areas into his characters and into his readers. We certainly love them and we can't wait to return to them in the following year. He also includes the wild animals in his adventures. We enjoy this and strive to see the wild animals, too. We love them so much.

A year ago we decided to drive on the Retreat Road that Mr. Probert mentions in his novels. We had to back away from a couple of washouts, but we did see a bear and we found our way out to Route 11, one of Maine's most beautiful highways.

We have visited the Matagamon Wilderness Store several times, hiked a mile of the Freezeout Trail twice, and canoed on Grand Lake Matagamon. No, we won't get to all of the places; we are too old; but we throughly enjoy what we are able to do.

The author's books are generally sold at limited locations in Maine. We have a mental list of where we see them and buy them. Some of them are now not in print.

Here is another picture:

East Branch Penobscot River at Matagamon Wilderness.
East Branch Penobscot River at Matagamon Wilderness.

Note: These photographs were taken by my wife and myself.

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