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The 1876 Journal of Herbert L. Foster

"You've Been a Friend to me"

"My Bark of life was tossing down the troubled stream of time,
When first I saw your smiling face, when youth was in its prime;
My days of darkness turned to light. My sorrowed heart was free.
Oh, since that time I've always found you've been a friend to me

"I'll ne'er forget where'er I roam.
Wherever I may be;
If ever I have had a friend
You've been that friend to me.

"Misfortune nursed me as her child, and fondly loved me too,
I would have had a broken heart, had it not been for you;
Kind words were whispered soft & sweet, but glad I could not be,
Until I found that you had been, a faithful friend to me.
"I'll ne'er forget &c

"The light of hope from your bright eyes, dispels the clouds of strife.
And throw their rays of sunshine, down my weary path of life;
I now look back upon the past, along life's stormy sea,
I smile to think, 'mid all life's scenes, you've been a friend to me.

"I'll ne'er forget &c"

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The above in memoriam of a very dear friend, whom I loved and lost by the stern decree of fate. May blessings rest upon her memory.

[Editor's note: Verses below have not been checked for original source.]

"The friend who holds a mirror to my face
And hiding none, is not afraid to trace
My faults, my smallest blemishes, within;
Although it seems not so, he is my friend."

"Better trust all and be deceived.
And weep that trust, and that deceiving.
Than doubt one heart that if believed,
Had blest ones life with time believing."

"There is a calm for those who weep.
A rest for weary pilgrims found;
They softly lie and sweetly sleep
Low in the ground.

The storm that sweeps the wintry sky
No more disturbs their sweet repose
Than summer evenings latest sigh
That shuts the rose."

I long to lay this painful head
And aching heart beneath the soil,
To slumber in that dreamless bed
From all my toil.

The sun is but a spark of fire,
A transient meteor in the sky;
The soul immortal as its sire,
Shall never die.

"Of all charities, mere money giving is the least, kind words, gentle judgements, an encouraging smile, will frequently out weigh a mint of coins."
"The Beryl Stone"

Found in coarse grained Granite in and between the towns of Bath and North Yarmouth. It's crystals are large and its green paler than the precious Emerald. It exhibits hexactral transparent prisms perfectly resembling the Siberian Beryl Stone.

From the History of Maine

"Dreaming of Home"

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