The UUChalice Railroad Pictures Page.

Announcement: This page was discontinued and destroyed by America Online on October 31, 2008.
The web page where the photographs resided was also destroyed by America Online.
The photographs are gone. If we ever find the binary copies of the photographs we will replace them.
Only this web page survives. It is revised and presented here as a historical legacy page.
!!!!! We have found the railroad photographs!!!!

The railroad pictures were on a different site, namely "/dredgings/"
These railroad pictures were uploaded for former sales on the eBay site. The photos have now been sold:
  1. 2-8-8-2 B&O 7602.
  2. Baldwin Locomotive Works 2-6-2 Sequoia.
  3. The Baldwin Locomotive Works 2000.
  4. 2-10-2 BMRR3006.
  5. 4-8-4 RW 613.
  6. Maine Central 0-6-0 MEC 167 -->.

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