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The Teacher.

by spharnx.

December 6, 1964.

Sunday Afternoon.

I won't tell of the preliminaries to this great daytime scene in the village, which proves that life is indeed more odd than fiction can ever be. Instead I'll scan over the ones that are necessary for the plot. But first a review.

As a journal reader will remember, I left Sako last August 26, 1964. I swore that I never wanted to return to her house. The reader knows what has happened since.

Today Sako and Juicie had a date to play "kana-huts" cards at Umeko's house. I arrived late. Juicie arrived later with her baby, Penny, but Sako, who lives a few steps down the street didn't arrive.

Finally Juicie went to look for her. After a half hour, I decided that I could break the ice and go to her new house. But I halted across the street from there. I did not dare. There were certain pressures of Eastern society that I did not want to violate.

And all of a sudden, Juicie was in the alley that led to Sako's house. She encouraged me to come along. I did as she wished. As I entered Sako's house I saw the GI boy. At first I figured that he had only spent the night with her. I wanted to believe everybody that Sako didn't have a Honey-wa.

This was indeed a treat. He didn't seem to recognize me from any of the old pictures. Sako must have destroyed them. I looked for signs of the relationship. She was cleaning the house. There were no personal things of his around. But, he did have bare feet and instead of shoes, I had only seen shower shoes in the entrance way.

I was shaking. I didn't belong here, but here I was; and I had a very great advantageous position. I decided to use it. I was now in a jolly good mood, because Sako had a right to be mad at me. I decided to find out about the relationship as secretly to him and as openly to her as was permissable.

"How long have you been on the island?"

"Five months," he answered.

"Are you in the Air Force?" He had long hair, not short hair like the Marines and the Airborne.

"No, I'm in the Army."

"Thirtieth Brigade, or what?"

"I'm at Tori Station. I suppose you've never heard of it."

"Why sure. It's out across from our Airborne Drop Zone. That's an ASA place isn't it?"

"Yes." He told me all about it and about his job as a truck driver.

"How are the passes out there?" This was a great question.

"We get three day passes continuously."

"You mean you only have to be there for duty hours?" I asked.

"That's right."

"Hey, I saw you at the Bar Million last night," I said to Sako.

"You did?!?!" she said as punctuated.

"Yes." I didn't say much more to her. I kept looking out of the windows.

"There sure are a lot of GIs around here," I said. He told me about a few of them. I now knew that he was a honey-wa of hers.

"This sure is a pretty good house, right here. Shower, flush toilet, everything."

"Yuh, we just got this one."

"How long have you been here?"

"About two months," he answered. I now knew that she had butter-flied on him. I hadn't even let her work when I had lived with her. And I had forbidden her first request to go on a date when she was my mistress. But this was the significant statement, "Two months." I didn't have to push any farther.

Juicie, I love you. You engineered this scene this afternoon. At least you are my friend. At least you have some respect for Bob-san.

We talked a little more and then he went in to sleep and watch TV. We played cards. I was slow. I was nervous. Here was Sako, with the security of a steady prick in her cunt every night; and here was me, alone to cope with the world's problems, the biggest of which for me is women.

"I'm lonely," I said during the game.

"I'm tocusan nervous," I said a few times. I made eyes with Sako a few times. "This is funny," I exclaimed a few more times.

Umeko and Toshiko came in a couple of times. They couldn't keep from laughing.

"How are you, Toshiko?" I asked. She said something as an answer and then I said, "I'm happy. I found out something today." And that was how I felt. The past possessive urge to know Sako was now satisfied. The question as to any future relationship with her was answered. "No way!"

The future is very small. I will see her a few more times at the Million. I will joke with her and about her. I will ask a few questions.

Oh, Oh. I shouldn't have said this last statement. No, they are questions that I wanted to ask her today, but couldn't.

After I left with Juicie, she asked me how I liked him.

"Good," I said. "I liked him."

Maybe she prodded me with another question. I said,"But do you remember Sako and me, Last summer? We were more happy together, I think. He doesn't try to stop her from playing cards and he doesn't try to learn the game. He stayed alone all afternoon."

"I don't like him," Juicie said. "He's too quiet, too strange."

I left her at the taxi. She went back to New Koza alone. I wanted a house with her. We were the only two of the gang alone. I want to allow her to be a mother to her baby for my next four months on the island.I would pay one hundred dollars a month and not try to monopolize on her. I would sleep on base whenever required and I wouldn't complain. I don't know if I dare ask her now or not. But already I can put her slightly ahead of myself. No. The idea has two catches in it -- one for each of us.

I could end up in love with my family of two -- her and the baby, and she could end up alone with a second baby on the way. Besides, I selfishly want to take a leave and for it I need money and freedom. But I un-selfishly want to cash in on my freedom and help her. I'm in love almost. I'm going to see her a lot.

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