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Journals of a Drunken Paratrooper.

The Teacher.

by spharnx.

December 5, 1964, (Written December 6, 1964).

Juicie, Again. And Miko.

I went to town to follow a plan. I went to the Club Million and gave Sako some pictures. I then said, "I've got to go someplace."


"I've got to go see a na-san who drinks too much." And I raced off to New Koza.

Juicie was sitting with a guy, but she left him to sit with me at the bar. I gladly bought her a drink. I told her that I had been to the Million. I asked for a match book, which they didn't have. "Oh, I just wanted to show it to Sako," I said. And I told Juicie that Toshiko was at the Million tonight and that Kimiko was also. It was Juicie that suggested that we go to the Million. I was overjoyed. It couldn't wait. She went out the front door to change. Very shortly she returned and we grabbed our first cab together.

We pulled up in front of the Club Million and got out. Sochan met us and ushered us in.

Dick, Toshiko, and Sako weren't sitting in the same place. Juicie spoke to a few na-sans that she knew. Then Sako shouted for us to come over. She was with a guy. Toshiko was alone and Sako turned a settee around for Juicie and I to sit in. They talked for a while. Kimiko came over and Sochan, too.

Naturally, Sako got a one dollar bill out of me for Juicie's drink. Juicie suggested a dance and we danced together for the first time.

Dick called me over to the telephone. He was trying to reach Yoshiko who had hung up on him. Eventually we decided to leave together to see her. We said that we would be right back and I was. Dick stayed with Yoshiko.

Finally Juicie had to return to work. I went with her. I left my drink on the table and told them to hold it for me. I never got back to it. I stayed in New Koza with Juicie. I bought her drinks and we played the juke box and danced and talked. When the bar closed we went over and had some chow at the restaurant. After that we split up and I walked back to B because I couldn't find a taxi.

I caught an overnight with a street walker who was dressed in a kimono. Obviously she was a girl for the native Ryukans and I decided to tag along because it looked like an interesting experience. It was. All night she got up every 15 minutes because she was sick. On every return to the bed she had to entangle with me to get herself warm. (Please see the travel notes in case I ever decide to describe this night with Miko.)

December 6, 1962.

It was Sunday morning. I came back to base, showered, and went to hear Chaplin Tom Harris who is a great minister. His book, I believe has made him a better and more dedicated preacher. He pleads for us to be loyal to God so that we may find his everlasting grace. Obviosly I was very disloyal. He could become an Evangelist easy. (See the notes on religion, this date. This journal (N-5) is the cross reference file of my life.)

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