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Reminiscences from way, way, way, away -- from deep deep distant memory,

but first,
a brief introduction
to the trigger,
to the immediate and initial stimulus
of this response:

"The Often Amoral1 '60s Generation'"

Recently the following column appeared in The Advertiser,
a weekly flyer published for many years in my home town:

"...KIDS SHOOTING KIDS.....Repeated incidents with teen-age youngsters carrying guns to school and shooting other kids and teachers appear to be increasing. We should not be as surprised as we appear. These are children of the often amoral '60s generation. They are often of single parent or broken families and have had little parental or societal supervision and discipline. They have been brought up in an amoral society in which movies, music and even the president of the United States have set an example of consistently immoral personal and public conduct. Kids learn from example. Why should we expect moral behavior?..."

Quite a column, huh?

My initial reaction and my first written answer:

Of course, following a heated telephone call to an Advertiser underling that got me nowhere.

1. I would like to receive an apology.

2. In regards to the conduct of the president of the United States, I would rather not argue against Nixon's Watergate problems; Reagan's Iran--Contra problems; or George W. Bush's inability to keep his promises to the American people; such as" "Read my smirk! No new C.O.2!"
Translation: It has not been a very happy first 100 days of George W.'s new presidency for me. I do not like the man.
Continued translation: The author of this Advertiser column, a family friend to my late parents, is a very conservative republican. His reference above to the president was obviously to President Clinton.

3. "My generation were not dividers that tried to classify much of an entire generation as 'Amoral!' I consider such classifying and labeling to be the behavior of predjudice and hatred! I do not like it at all. It reduces all of us as a society."

This was a small part of my complete letter as expressed on my initial internet home page.

And I signed this, my initial web space response.

And then, after a couple of days, INSIGHT!
It suppenly came to me!
Yes! He is right!
Yes! My generation was Amoral!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
And I reviewed my life! Contents. Or Page Two. Or Back to host page.

1. Amoral: definition: "Non-moral; specif., outside the sphere in which moral distinctions of judgments apply."

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