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Journals of a Drunken Paratrooper.

The Teacher.

by spharnx.

Editor's Note: We begin the December 1964 episode with some writings by the author in 1977, a year when the author was attempting to begin a writing career. It was a sad year for the author. It was the year of his separation from marriage.

Expand this short story (one month) into a novel. Let it be your Okinawa novel. Use all of your travel notes; including N-5 and N-12. No! This is not necessary.
Use the first person. Use the N-1-76 style.
You have a sufficient library of reference books should you need them.
Highlight the Christmas Eve event.

I have read every word of this brief outline of my journal. The story has merit, however, it must be written with one continuous concentrated narrative force. Before this can commence the two characters must be analyzed, outlined, and described. In retrospect, after thirteen years this will be difficult. The only thing good about these notes is that in them I have a lot of something to say. It is a "Man in the Grey Flannel Suit" type of story.

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